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Internet Marketer's Resource Guide
Full Resell Rights

In this down to earth eBook, there is No Reseller Links. No paid endorsements but Only the Best Resources! Based on the years of research on the Internet, only the quality resources have been hand picked and included in this eBook. Now you can use exactly what the experts are currently using to market your business on line without wasting your valuable time to find them.

eBay Auction Marketing E-Course
Full Resell Rights
by Robbin Tungett

This straight forward low learning curve program is a self executing windows program. (.exe) Written and compiled by the staff of I.M.A.G.E.S. International Marketing And Global Entrepreneurial Services. 


Full Resell Rights
by Unlimited Publishing Group

InterNETACTIVE is a powerful program you can use to dramatically increase your Internet exposure.  It provides links to the Internet where you can advertise and promote your products and/or services for free. It also contains valuable information you can use to educate yourself on proper and effective online marketing.

Creating Profitable Classified Ads
Full Resell Rights

Classifieds are the best dollar-for-dollar return in advertising! However writing successful classified ads is an ART and should not be taken lightly. This latest eBook will show you the secrets to writing and making money with "order-pulling" classified ad.

Scientific Advertising
Full Give Away Rights
by Claude C Hopkins

This book is responsible for untold millions of dollars in sales and profits. It is the book that many of the 'gurus' you know used as the foundation of their $495 marketing courses. Some who read it can not grasp what it means. Others who read it get affected so deeply that it changes their entire way of doing business and they go on to make fortunes.

Magic Letters
Full Give Away Rights
by Allen Says

How To Write So People Buy Now!
If you want to make money on the Internet - this eBook is the first step. It will reveal the methods used by history's Direct Response Master's!

The Magic Story
Full Give Away Rights
by Allen Says

An immediate, worldwide sensation was created after "The Magic Story" first made its appearance in 1900 in the original Success Magazine. After 1000's of reprints, a tiny, silver book was published. 

You may not be able to find the silver book today, but the author has made the story into an eBook so that you too may benefit from its powerful message.

E-Mail Marketing Strategies Revealed!
Full Resell Rights

  • How To Eliminate The Three Most Lethal And Costly Mistakes That Everybody Else is Making!

  • How To Use E-Mail Marketing So You Never Get in Trouble With Your ISP - No Matter What Type of Business You Have! 

  • How To Turn a Lot More of Your Web Site Visitors into Repeat Customers!

  • Start Seeing Profits From E-Mail Immediately

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