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The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Web Site
Full Resell Rights

(A.K.A. My Web Site) by Quentin Brown

A Fully Interactive Training Workshop for any one who wants to build a web site. It is not just a book to read. We have used the great qualities of the Internet to allow you to partake in practical exercises. This means that you will be learning many of the skills and terminology necessary to get your site built and loaded ready for the world to view. We teach you the different aspects of the web page design, such as backgrounds, formats, graphics,  tables and much more



Self-publish at the Speed of Thought 
Full Resell Rights

by Wayne Perkins & Tom Hua (December 2000)
Best Selling Title from Amazon.com

Learn how to self-publish your thoughts and your eBooks with the best selling eBook author and self-publisher. 

This eBook will walk you step by step through writing your first eBook and then present free resources and marketing plans that will allow you to market your eBooks using the same free resources that helped the author publish 3 eBook bestsellers and two print on demand best selling title at Amazon.com.


eBook Covers Template Gallery (Full Resell Rights)

Professional Cover Creation Tutorial
Full Resell Rights

by Tom Dahne, a Software Genius from Australia
This product has Never been sold for less than $34.95.

This brand new interactive learning software will help you every step of the way to create professional eBook covers. If you are serious about selling eBooks online this is the software for you!  Some websites are charging as much as $99 per eBook Cover they design. Why keep paying someone to create your eBook covers for you when you can design professional eBook graphics yourself in just a matter of minutes?! You don't have to be good at graphics to design your own eBook Covers. Designing professional eBook graphics is easier than you think.

Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing eBook
Full Resell Rights

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